I don't know how to help myself heal

I recently got broken up with by the most heavenly boy i've ever met. the first time I ever saw him, there was an instant attraction I felt towards him. it was an attraction unlike any other that i've ever experienced before, but he left me because he hated himself. I feel like I always make people hate themselves. I'm vengeful and cruel and I have severe borderline personality disorder that I'm taking medicine and counseling for. different boys are all over me, always inviting me over or asking me on dates but I'm still too attached to my ex boyfriend to do anything with any of them. I don't know what to do next with my life. logically, I know I am being overdramatic because I'm 17 and young and bound to meet so many different people in my future. I guess I'm just heavy hearted because I miss when I was with my cute lil boyfriend:(