Can I be grumpy about this? And victorious?!

Alison • FTM to a baby girl at 35, business owner, gamer, ICD specialist and happy wife to a brilliant man!
I'm in nesting mode, so of course I hit up IKEA. As we are leaving I decide to grab a latte at the snack bar. As I'm walking up to the line, two men/boys in their early 20's late teens, run and cut me off and one physically bumps me hard as he runs past. Then the blond one says 'I'm not getting in line behind a pregnant lady. They take forever.' 
Their turn at register one and I go to register two. I order my latte and pay. The associate leans in and says 'I saw what they did, I'll rush yours.' And he winks at me. I have my latte in hand while they are waiting on FOUR slices of pizza and pops. I waved at them like a pageant queen and waddled away.
I really wanted to bare my belly, aim it at them and scream something like 'DONT F%#? WITH PREGNANT WOMEN MOTHERF%#?ERS!' While making finger guns, but I would like to be able to return to IKEA.
Social justice- the best kind!