Is she really pregnant?


Ok, so I have this friend I work with and I think she's copying me. I'll explain.

So in May I miscarried at 12 weeks and had to have time off work. (The baby didn't come away properly so I had to have an evacuation.)

My work friends were very supportive.

But that one friend I work with likes attention and about 1 month after I miscarried she apparently miscarried.  (But she wouldn't tell her family about it.)

Then I announced I was going to try again so then she said was going to try again.

Then she announced she was pregnant but said that she had 3 pos and 2 neg tests. So I told her to visit a doctors to confirm pregnancy.

4 weeks later I became pregnant. And now I am 8 weeks an have already had my midwife appointment.

Meanwhile, she's 3-4 months and still hasn't had one. To me, she said they refused to take her bloods. But  then said to another person that she's had blood work and was waiting for results. But then the day her results were coming she said the doctors have not given them to her.

I think it's really suspicious and everyone who knows her thinks she's lying.  Or is she just being really lazy with her pregnancy?

What do you ladies think?