Camming (nude web cam), can girls.

I myself am a cam girl. I "model" for a site and get paid by my viewers. (For those who aren't familiar with camming, I guess you can say it's like live porn. Some sites allow couples, solo shows, transsexuals, homosexuals, ect.) I myself do solo shows, which range from anything such as sitting down fully dressed having a conversation about cheese, to being fully naked and pleasuring myself. I am married. My husband knows totally cool with me doing this. I know this isn't for everyone, I respect that not everyone is accepting of this lifestyle. I am just curious on what your thoughts are. Are any of you cam girls? Have you tried it? Would you try it? Are you familiar with the idea? Have you ever watched any shows? What's your take on your guy watching/paying? Please don't leave any rude comments. As I said I know this isn't for everyone. I respect if you don't agree with me. :)