Well it's been nice ladies...

Rachel • Expecting our rainbow baby in january
But morning sickness is killing me. 
I take adderall for ADHD and I can't function without it. It magnifies my morning sickness from being miserable to I definitely cannot get out of bed. My two year old is crying outside my door right now. It kills me. If I don't take it, I can't control myself and eat like a cow and spend all of our money. I also say a bunch of random things normally people know not to share. 
Nothing takes it away. Zofran is a complete joke. I heard something about B16 vitamins to something. Does anyone else know anything about them or what else works?
I can't eat a bunch of small meals. - makes it worse
I can't sip water- same deal
Lavender, ginger, lemon- does help briefly but only for a few seconds