Money making us fight

So I gave my boyfriend 2800 dollars a few months ago to pay off his debt and the plan was for him to pay me back with his tax return money. Now he is throwing in my face that he bought me an expensive xmas gift and only wants to pay me 1000 back. The gift he got me was 800 dollars so I told him to subtract that and just give me 2000 but he's pissed off now that I want that. He's been helping me with my car because he knows a lot about them so he's also saying he shouldn't have to give me that much because hes been fixing my car for me. I thought he was helping me because hes my bf I didnt think I was being fucking charged. By the way I've bought all my car parts he just did the labor. I feel like we are going to break up over money. Am I wrong for wanting my money back or should I just drop it?