Cheating... I NEED ADVICE!

Mrs. Karev💍💍 • I'm NICU nurse. With an angel in the sky Liam Avery!👶🏼👼🏼 having twins (boy-girl) on his birthday in May. Married.
1 year we lost our son Liam Avery due to premature birth. He only lived for 2 months. On the 1 year anniversary I found out I was pregnant again.
I have since decided it was a blessing worth keeping. 
So I set up a fancy dinner at home to tell my hubby. When I got home from work he was already home.
He said after our son died he cheated on me. "It meant nothing. I just didn't know how to deal with my feelings." 
I'm heart broken! 
I'm still so scared about this pregnancy and this isn't how I wanted to do this! 
I'm not ready emotional or physically now!
The cheating went on for 4-5 months after our son died. He hasn't cheated though since.
So if this was your situation what would you do?

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