Formulas? My opinion vs. Mother-in-law opinion

Very long story... Sorry. 😓
When I first had my bundle of joy I did breastfeeding. She did pretty good but after day three she wasn't wanting to latch on. So I started pumping and putting it in bottles for her. That was going good until week two and I wasn't able to pump enough. 2oz, both boobs, and that was every four-five hours. So I did breast milk during the day and formula at night until I dried up. I went to just formula afterwards. After a week of being on formula, I noticed she was only having a dirty diaper once a day, she was having lots of gas, and she was having trouble pooping. Her poop was hard in the beginning of her BM the after she passed the hard part, she pooped normally. 
My husband told his mother about her problems and she suggested soy based formula because it was easier on the tummy and that's what she had to do with my husband when he was a baby. Well I did some research and I thought that a formula with fiber would be a better fit since putting fiber in someone's diet helps with regulating BM. Also I have read stories from moms saying that the soy formula actually made the constipation worse. 
Well after I told my MIL that I wanted to try my way, she tried to convince me to do her option. Then went and got me soy formula after she told my husband that she was going to get what I thought was right. So that made me a little upset because it felt like she is trying to say that her opinion is the right way and I'm wrong. 
So I want someone else's opinion. Please tell me what you guys think is the right option...
Please and thank you.