Pain pain pain 😱😭😡

I'm in so much pain Lately in the vagina pelvic area I've been feeling this for a while but... I already had talk to my doctor and he said that its normal as long as I don't feel like pushing I'm 30+4 days and I'm in pain I can't stand it I need help to walk some times I'm not saying I'm skinny I'm a big girl but still with my first I did not have this much pain :/  
** I go to the doctor on Jan 12th at 3pm I can't wait 
I already ask but should I ask him again to check it out like if I'm  dilated or something like that .-. 
I'm kinda stressing ... And scared as I said before I had my first baby at 35 weeks and I hope my 2nd baby stay tell doctor tell me let do the C section 
{ QUESTION : is anyone having this problem!?? } 
Please no rude comments there no need :) I'm just asking for advice.