Early to active labor

So my husband actually scared me into getting contractions. He didnt mean to but it happened on christmas. Then we went to the hospital 3 times cuz we thought i was going into labor but they kept telling me i was still in early labor. On the 29th of December my water broke but i wasnt 100% sure cuz it wad just a trickle. My mom told me that the baby might be blocking the hole so i was told to lay down. In the process of laying down a gush of water came out of me. So we went to womens health center to get tested to see if my water in fact did break. Then felt up in there and were telling me no your water didnt break we still feel the sake. But they then tested to see if my water broke and it did!!! Apparently he poked his foot though at the top so they just felt the sake at the bottom. They decided to break the sake the rest of the way on the bottom then sent me to the hospital. I was in labor for hours and it was so painful so i asked for an epidural. Best thing in the world since i had the contractions for days i was in so much pain for so long. I cried because i was so happy to not be in pain anymore. After getting the epidural they also gave me the stuff to progress labor. After awhile i had a super high fever, my face went pail and my cheeks were bright red. I got an infection from my water breaking. They also made me have the face mask on cuz my air intake went down to 60%. Still only dialated at 9.5 cm and no progression they had me push anyways. So pushing for a little over an hour and having the infection on top of it my contractions stopped while my son's head was halfway out. So i did the final couple pushes without any contraction what so ever...he is healthy and didnt get the infection and we were at the hospital for 3 days. But it is an experience i am willing to do again.