Disney/Disney Owned Characters.

Not the most controversial topic ever, but I'm ill, and I can't get to sleep because I'm in pain, so please just play along for the sake of my health 😊
Okay, so if you could pick any 2 Disney characters to choose from, who is your favourite? And specifically why? I'm allowing cheats on this thread, so you're allowed to choose characters from franchises now owned by Disney too. 
I shall start, firstly I'd choose Esmeralda. I think she is definitely an underrated character in the Disney universe. She's a product from the time period when Disney began making stronger female characters such as Mulan and Pocahontas. She's one of my favourites because she always speaks up against those in power who are mistreating groups of people in society. She spoke up and fought for the rights of her Romani people and for Quasimodo who was disabled. She's also not ashamed of her Romani background, and refuses to sink to Frollo's level. I think Disney completely dissed her character by marrying her off with Pheobus, in regards to what he's actually like in the book. 
My second character would be Rogue from the X-Men, since Disney now owns Marvel 😏 I found myself a loophole👌.  I'm drawn to the X-Men anyway due to the fact that they symbolise the activists for many oppressed groups in society. However, racism and homophobia are the most commonly suggested oppressive systems that the humans' hatred for mutants is supposed to symbolise. 
What I like about Rogue is that she's ultimately an outsider amongst outsiders because many mutants still fear her mutation. She, like most comicbook characters, have had a rough background. Yet she still managed to change from mutant terrorist to activist for mutant rights. She's a strong female character, she's sassy, doesn't put up with anyone's shit, a great fighter and leader. 
I could literally go on forever. But I won't 😊 because it would bore people. Can't wait to read other people's favs whilst I try get some sleep at 3:25am