Hey Mamas..

Just checking in and wondering how everyone was doing and feeling?! We are doing great! Was rough at first with the baby being diagnosed with reflux and colic. I actually had to call 911 one night as he was choking and spitting up so badly that he was turning colors. So scary! Turns out - he had some kind of milk allergy or intolerance. We are on a hypoallergenic formula now and he is a brand new baby! So comfortable and happy! Still has normal spit up but nothing like the violent vomitting he had before and he is no longer constipated (yay!). Sadly, this allergy means no more breastfeeding. I never produced enough anyway so we had to start supplementing at 2 weeks (he had really poor weight gain even up until his month visit). Now he is a little chunker at almost 14 pounds!!! He will be 3 months on the 20th. Hope to hear from you all soon!