Bummed out

Tomorrow is my 30 week ultrasound. I asked my ex to go to it because this is the last ultrasound and I would like him to be there because going by myself is depressing. I text him tonight to confirm and he says he can't go he has to work. I'm mad because the job he has he can easily take off, he took off a few weeks ago to go snowboarding with his friend, and we owe a big bill tomorrow. He's known about this appointment for a long time and makes me wonder when he was going to tell me he wasn't going. Than when I say you don't want to go because of the bill he says fuck you, you pay the bill since you're so perfect. My feelings are totally hurt and I feel so let down. A part of my feels like he's seeing someone too. Just would like to hear some uplifting words since I'm feeling so down 😞