Self-Care ideas when TTC

Sarah • 35, PCOS, TTC # 1 with Acupuncture and IVF in 2019
With the added stress of TTC, what are some ways you take care of yourself to de-stress, relax, or feel like "you"? Sometimes I just need a brain break from it!
Here are some of mine:
-seek support from hubby, friends, and Glow community
-laugh every day
-watch TV shows (sitcoms, girly dramas, home buying/renovation shows) or a good movie
-cuddle or hold hands with my hubby
-read a good book
-paint my nails or go get a mani/pedi
-stay in my PJ's on a weekend day and ALLOW myself to relax
-spend time with family and friends 
-find a new healthy recipe I'm excited to try
-practice random acts of kindness to help others 
-practice mindfulness in small ways (i.e.- noticing pretty trees while I'm driving)
-practice gratitude about what I DO have going for me in my life
-go outside to enjoy nature, a pretty walk, or the beach
-plan something to look forward to--  date night, seeing a movie, fun day trip or vacation
-scrapbook fun memories/holidays/trips in our scrapbook we started when we got married... Hopefully to show our kids one day!! 👶🏼