Is it me?

Ok so me and my boyfriend be going together since September it started off kinda weird because when he asked me it to go with him to his friends wedding which was in October I said ok a few days go by me and we are talking and I ask him what are the colors he told me I was like "ok. I have to find a dress" and he's like "well we do have to match I was like do we he said "yeah I can't have my girlfriend going with me noncolor coordinated" and boom just like that. that's how he asked me to be his girlfriend so since then we been together  at first he would stay only on the weekends because I worked mon-fri kids are at school.(there 5&6) Then after the wedding he starts staying more during the week. Now he stays a few weeks at a time. He is 28 an is a retired Sargent out the military so he has a lot of free time so he wants to go to school so he lives in Cleveland and I stay in Columbus he wants to move here to 1 be closer to me and go to school but he doesn't start til August but he doesnt want to move here until he starts school and I want him to come now so I been asking him to move and he says no that he wants to wait till he goes to school and even then he don't know if he will move unless he gets in the school in Columbus. So he makes trips back and forth an stays here for a few weeks then back to Cleveland for another few weeks but now my sons are getting attached to him they ask can they see him or can we go there (we went once for thanksgiving) is it to much to ask for him to come now or should I just back off???