Just a challenge to strengthen my relationship.

So I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby boy πŸ’™ my first son is almost 4 and I am not with his biological father but I am currently engaged to my second child's father and he is an amazing father to our 4 year old...just a little background for you readers. Anyway my fiancΓ© and I have not had intercourse in months since I have gotten bigger which was a real problem for me at first but he still does plenty of things to show he really loves me. So now that I am a few weeks away from having our son I have realized I would really like to be celibate until we get married. 1- because I think it will make our wedding night more special. 2- I feel like it is a good way for us to prove to each other how devoted we are. 3- it will take me quiet a while to get healed up and be confident of my body again. We do not have a wedding date set but I am thinking the baby will be at least a year old because of money and stuff. My SO was a little thrown off at first. His reaction was "yes we wouldn't want to get pregnant" lol but he seems to be fine with the challenge. I plan to please him here or there with oral or whatever. I just think it would make our commitment more meaningful. Anybody think I am right to try this?? I don't think for one second that my SO will cheat he is one hell of a man. But I think it will be interesting for sure!! And we may fail. No biggie if we do. We will still be on love no matter what. I am kind of excited for the challenge but my attitude may change. I guess we will see if we can do it!!