No one held a baby shower for me I'm 39 weeks

My due date is 1/15 and no one ever held a baby shower for me.  This is our first, we just bought a new house moved in a week ago and husband is out of town for law enforcement training.  I'm a nurse and early in my pregnancy my boss said she would hold a shower for me but jeeze I'm due Friday nothing like waiting till the last possible second. My mom lives out of town ( Florida to Ohio) and has bought us new washer and dryer for the house and a jogging stroller with car seat.  I feel my mother in law should have held one but she was too busy being mad about not being allowed in the delivery room, the only things she bought us were used baby clothes some of which were so stained that I had to throw them out.  People have asked me why I didn't have a baby shower but I thought someone was suppose to offer, now I'm really sad , feel hurt and I simply want nothing to do with any of these people.  We could have really used the help with things for the baby.  So this past weekend I went out and bought the rest of the stuff I needed by myself and put it together alone.  We don't even have a crib we are going to use a bassinet and my friend from nursing school came up and gave me hand me down items from when she had her son. I'm just completely hurt and feel left out of what should be a wonderful time.😢