I was hoping last year when I got off birth control that it would be easy for me to get pregnant. Buuuut I guess God had other plans :/ what makes it worse is when I hope aunt flow won't show up, but she does and early. And then when my husband gets sad when I tell him I started, but then he tries to stay strong for me being upset...I'm about to turn 22 and I thought it would be the easiest thing to have a baby. I swear everyone I know is getting pregnant or already has a baby and most weren't planned. Makes me tear up most days wishing I had a sweet baby to hold and love. I wish I could vent to my husband but we both try to stay strong for each other. I can't vent to my mom like most women because we had a falling out a year ago..and it would just be awkward talking to my dad about this lol so I'm left with y'all. I'm so glad for this app to help me keep having hope and faith that one day our miracle will happen❤️ it's all in Gods perfect timing. For now, my fur babies will do :)🐶