Boyfriend Troubles - Help

I don't know what to think of this... Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months and he is my first bf, there were others that liked me but I didn't really like them like that. Anyway, we are both of age and we lost our V-cards to each other and love each other but stuff he says sometimes makes me wonder if we will even be able to have a future together. He messaged me this after we were kind of arguing/upset with each other about being able to be together in the future and share a bed; "That's the thing, I don't always want you here, I like my loneliness, I like how I can do my own thing by myself, I enjoy it. And I'm not clingy like you are and I don't think i will be cause I'm not like that."  
So yeah. I don't know what to think about it... Like if someone really liked you wouldn't you just be happy to see them and have them visit you and want to visit them yourself? I don't mean like 24/7 but at least a few days a week maybe? Just makes me feel like he couldn't be stuffed if he saw me at all and make me feel more like a friend with benefits than his actual girlfriend. Really need someone's thoughts and needed to vent. Thanks girls. 😪❤️😞