Didn't know I was pregnant stories


So i know 2 ladies who didn't know they were pregnant...

The first one was having back issues, lots of pain.... had been to the dr frequently trying to get answers... they put her on different pain meds but she had no relief. She had her period regularly and then found out a month before delivery that she was pregnant!

The next is a little more extreme. She had for some reason lied about being pregnant.(lied then I think was scared to admit that she had lied... got caught up in it) She was bigger so easy to not-not notice the fact that she didn't get a baby bump. She was due in June. less than a month before her "due date" her mother bought a bunch of baby stuff... The week after that she had to tell her mom she had lied. Anyway her due date came and went and people gossiped and got over it... that October she got sent to city hospital via ambulance for what they thought was her gallbladder and when she got there she delivered a baby girl! So technically when she was pretending to be pregers she was really pregnant...well for part of it anyway... crazy

Anyone else go thru this or know someone who has?