Clear blue

So I've been feeling bloated and my stomach has been full feeling along with my boobs being very soar! Been having light cramps for the past week so I took a test and within 5 seconds a positive popped up one line was faint but it was still there! So I went and bought a clear blue and took it right after and sure enough it came out pregnant and says 2-3 weeks I had sex dec 18 and dec 26 so which day would this be that I most likely convieved? I'm still in shock but I'm getting calmer. This wasn't planned but I know will love my little bundle of joy with everything I have and never once did abortion or giving it up crossed my mind even if I am alone I've been having some hard times lately and not knowing how to make the best decision but starting now from the rest of my life I'm going to I'm going to be the best I can be God works in mysterious ways