You lied.

You lied now you wonder why I don't trust you. I'm not talking about the little lies we tell to make people think things aren't so bad. 
You blatantly lied about being an alcoholic. You know I have a ton in my family and I don't deal with their bullshit.  
I've known you for 15 years, and you keep saying your friends are your family. If that is true then why lie? Why cause so much drama that people don't know who to believe? 
I shouldn't have to find out from you bloody co-workers when I go to see you that you have been fired for coming to work drunk. 
When you called you kept repeating you were sorry, that I'm your friend, etc etc. I can't trust you, and I won't deal with another dramatic alcoholic. 
I'm done with you and you have the galls to ask me why. Had you just come clean when I asked when I started notice the tall tale signs of alcohol abuse.