Add glyburide at 37 weeks??

Anyone have oral meds prescribed at 37 weeks? Glyburide or others. If so, did you also have twice weekly nonstress tests with fluid checks?
Or anyone considered induction rather than adding the medication and additional testing?
Context..... I am 37 weeks and since Christmas have had an 'upward trend' in my fasting and evening glucose numbers. (Also it was Christmas and New Years so I was eating more sugar!) So far have been managing with diet control only. Wednesday, growth ultrasound showed baby is right on track, 50th percentile for weight! On Friday the high risk team and my normal OB said to keep carbs a little lower in meals to bring the numbers down, but 50 percentile meant that overall I've controlled my diet well. Today the high risk team called saying they think it's time to add oral medication(glyburide) as well as the NST and check fluid level twice a week because my numbers haven't improved. 
Very frustrating and confusing to have a major change in just three days without any major changes to the circumstances. I have a meeting with the high risk dr tomorrow before agreeing to their recommendations and have contacted my Ob's office to ask/make sure she's aware of it.