Getting a test Friday

Goddess • Speaking the truth
So here the thing so OCT 1 my period came kind of it was a little lighter then normal it only lasted for 3 days so re night of the 3rd day I had horrendous cramping in the overy area and then boom the next day no more period had a half a day of brown discharge again odd for me and very light so from then to now I get so nauseous off and on throughout the day and anything sets it off I can smell something or eat something even drink something then boom I feel like I'm going to vomit I get mild cramping from time to time or just and upset stomach. I have a bad disk in my back so it's hard to say any who I poor right now but get paid Friday so I'm going to get a test then and take it Saturday if I get a BFN then I'll make an appointment to see the doctor. So you all know first lol I'm gonna keep it to myself no mom no hubby till I know for sure either way ok thanks for listening ? oh by the way ✨✨✨✨baby dust to everyone who wants it