Has it hit you yet?

Not the gas, bloating, nausea... The thought of you having a baby. Has it hit you yet? If your anything like myself, you sort of kind of wanted a baby but we're okay if things didn't work out. My husband and I have been casually trying for about two years. When we finally said maybe we should take this to the next level and see someone, bam- positive test. I am about 6 weeks 4 days and everything feels surreal. I have been having pretty crazy cramping an decided to go see the doctor today, just to ensure that everything was okay. With my husband by my side, we saw the little thing in there. Beating heart at 120 and sized perfectly. I couldn't even talk. I kept thinking, shit just got real, although I would never say that out loud. So yeah, who's with me? The excited under all of the bundles of nerves and thoughts that this is really happening?!