Married but in love with my Ex

So trying to make a long story as short as possible..
My ex and I started dating the first year of college, our rooms were right next door (we literally shared a wall), so we were constantly together. We had a great relationship and both loved each other very much but knew that it wasn't healthy to be so close so quickly into the relationship (we were always together, slept in the same room, met each other for lunch every day). He decided to end things so he could have a little more freedom. 
The night we broke up, I started talking to a friend from high school. Within 2 months we were in a relationship (long distance) and within 5 months I had moved in with him and his parents. We ended up getting married 3 years later. 
Every 6 months or so, my ex will text me and it causes a huge fight between me and my (now) husband. We have only been married for 8 months, but I think I regret marrying him. He isn't emotionally present, treats me with little respect and I'm not sexually attracted to him. My ex definitely wants me back, as we have talked about it. 
Do I try and stay in my marriage or try and work things out with my ex? I'm so clueless.