Sex sex sex.

Im super excited. Saved myself until marriage,  found the man I love, and am ready to start my life. One problem. I'm nervous about sex!! I'll describe us. 
​I'm a shorter, built, curvy, iinshape, fit and active kind of girl. I'm outgoing and talkative, sometimes quiet/awkward.
He's a real sweetheart and would never try to hurt me. He's  extremely built, thick, tall, super handsome, incredibley athletic, and so sexy haha. He can be ry quiet and awkward, but we enjoy our mutual awkwardness and just love each other.
Don't get me wrong, I'm PUMPED. But I'm scared. I never got talked through about it. How will it make me feel? What's it like? How do we start? What do I do? Will it be awkward? Does it hurt? He's also a virgin, and he's super awkward and doesn't pull any moves, very often. PLEASE HELP, we're getting married tomorrow!!!!!!! Thanks lovelies for all your appreciated input!!