Im numb.

Mrs. P
Im goin through a break wit someone I love wit every being n my body. He gave me a ring, we talked bout havin kids, marriage, moving n being happy. Im so crushed, I cant eat, I cant stop cryin. He have been cheatin on me, we r basically wit each other every day, sleep together every other or every two nites. Im so out of it. I wanna dissappear. My relationships b4 him were all shitty, cheating and lyin. I honestly thought this was different, I dont think I can love again nor do I want to, I was always the type to forgive bcuz of the love I have. Im lost, idk wat to do. No one to talk to. I have no friends, he was my only friend. Im so alone, im so stupid, I hate myself. Wats wrong wit me. I do any n everything. Im broken, shattered n alone.