Vitex and raspberry red leaf pills?

Clarissa • .
I posted in irregular cycles, but maybe some of you ladies will have experiences with these things. Did they work for you? Bring periods back? Help with conception? Anything? I'm on day 57 of my cycle. And still NO sign of AF. I took my last shot of depo provera on January 17th, 2014. It "wore off" on April 10th and I never went back. I got my first period on August 15th and it lasted for 17 days. I haven't had anything since. I know it takes awhile after depo to become regulated and all of that...but would these two things help? I swore I ovulated because I had the tiniest bit of brown spotting and ovulation pains, but never tested. So I don't know for sure. Either way, I'm not pregnant right now and I want to gear up for my next period so I can try to have a baby again. It's so irritating not even being able to try because I can't get periods. Please...anybody?