Turning 21-vent

Okay so I turn 21 this Monday and it shocks everyone when they all say I'm gonna need a DD and I respond with ' I don't drink alcohol'. I mean I get that turning 21 means you can legally drink and that's what most people go out and do but I'm getting pretty annoyed with everyone's faces and comments about me not drinking. I shouldn't have to have a full on conversation with people when they nag me and say I'm missing out or I need to live a little. I just don't see how alcohol is beneficial to me,so why would I consume it in large amounts and get plastered? I would consider a glass of wine here and there but the idea of putting all that crap in my body makes me cringe. I don't understand society, why can't they just leave me and my decisions alone? If you wanna go out and party, go right on ahead. But if someone says they don't drink then just move along. I don't ever want to put myself in a position where I can't remember what I did the night before. I have a family to think about. God bless, this topic was just all over the place but I had to get it out somewhere without verbally abusing anyone.