Post about Interracial Dating

Yuri • Im 17 years old. my mom is asian and my dad is white. I am not ttc. My boyfriend n myself are goin 2 go 2 college n plan our future
Y R there so many post about Interracial couple and mix kid? We arent back in 1920 or somethin. Its 2016. Im half asian and half white and my bf is black but who cares? Im sick of seein post elevatin interracial couples and babies over same race couple. Its stupid to see these post sayin mix kids r cutest kids. How do you think that make ppl who dont have mix kids feel? Im 17 n i kno its wrong so y do others not? To say mix couples have the cutest kids or brag about being in a interracial couple is annoyin. I think any couple is beautiful if both ppl r n love becuz the luv is what makes it beautiful. Am i the only one who feel this way?