Hormonal Imbalance

Genesis • 🐶❤️
Hey ladies!
Okay I have a major problem. I had been on birth control for almost 5 years and got off of it 4-5 months ago & my hormones have been going crazy. I have moody swings all the time and tender & swollen breasts. I am not pregnant. It's gotten to the point to were my periods are super painful. I can't even get out of the bed & I scream. I've tried explaining this to my boyfriend, but let's face it, there men. Why would they understand? I just feel like I'm one emotional wreck. My periods are way too painful & ive taken all kinds of medicine to help & nothing. I am going to the doctors office to get put back on birth control, but I wasn't too sure if this was because I got off of it in the first place? If anyone is out there, please help me! I feel like no one understands me :(