My dad and Boyfriend had a talk. It's long.

So let me start by saying that I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me very vey much. He's 22 and I'm 20. This spring break we had plans to go to Florida for sprigs Break. I'm in college and I plan on taking 15 hours in the summer, which would leave me with no time for a vacation. I had told my dad about it and asked if I could go but I wasn't really asking him. What I said was: (SOs name) is going to ask you but I just wanted to ask you first so you aren't caught off guard. My dad responded by saying he doesn't have the balls to ask me? So if you can't already tell, my dad is a little rude. Tonight my dad and my boyfriend sat down and talked and I was in my room so I didn't hear any of it. When my boyfriend was leaving I asked him what was said and I'm seriously embarrassed that my dad would even say some of this shit. First, he didn't ever let my SO talk. He basically took a giant shit on my boyfriend and said that he couldn't propose yet because my education is more important and he can't risk me getting pregnant and leaving school because he doesn't want me to be a nobody in life. My boyfriend didn't go to college because he had a scholarship to play soccer and he couldn't accept it because he isn't a citizen. Second, he said I couldn't go to Florida because he didn't want to get a call that I got raped or in an accident. He told my boyfriend he wants me home by 10 every night and that we HAVE to ask for permission no matter where we go. We had all these plans for ourselves this year and my dad took a giant shit on them. I'm pissed because all my life I have done as best as I can for him. I over exceed in EVERYTHING and it's never good enough for him. My brother got a bachelors degree in graphic design and my dad said that was a pussy degree and well it's not a masters. Like what? I'm freaking out and crying hysterically because I love my SO and I feel bad for him. He had all these plans for us and all these things in mind for this year and my dad just shut him down. He didn't even let him talk or explain. And I can't imagine how my SO feels right now. I just honestly hate that he had to go through this. Idk what I'm asking for. The only positive about this is my dad didn't say we couldn't ever get married he just said no wedding until I graduate which guess what? WAS OUR PLAN. I feel like shit guys.