Baby dreams

So I'm not really sure which page to post this on because I couldn't find a TTC that wasn't just for under 20. My husband and I have been trying for over a year now and we have had a miscarriage but since then have not been able to conceive. I sometimes have dreams that I'm pregnant but it never goes father than just saying I'm pregnant and then waking up to it not being true. Last night I had the most realistic dream ever. I was pregnant and the Labor felt so real and it was a beautiful blue eyed baby girl and it even went Into detail so far that i would breastfeed her and it felt real and everything. When I woke up I was so disappointed. It was emotionally draining that it wasn't real. Is my mind just playing tricks on me? Is this a sign of something? All I know is it's depressing. Any advice, thoughts, comments? I would like to hear it all!