Break up advice

Okay ladies I need some pep talks,advice and whatever else you got to heal your heart over someone you never wanted to lose. I just lost y boyfriend of 8 months. Everything was fine in the beginning before he switched jobs and then a few months after he switched we started talking less, he came to see me less. It got worse as it got closer to black Friday, Christmas and the new year, sometimes we'd even go 1-2 days without talking. I tried so hard to fight, to keep us going until it took everything out of me, I finally gave him a final ultimatum and he chose to leave. My heart is broken, o can't stop crying but then on the other hand I just wanna get out and talk to someone who can distract me. Please help, any advice, pep talks? I don't have many friends that are girls and guys just don't understand 😰😭😭😭