I just want a normal poo :/

Erika ā€¢ šŸ’™5.12.15, expecting #2 šŸ’™ 12.7.18
Ok sorry this is gross but I feel like pregnancy is just basically 9 months of weird body stuff and we are all in this together, so.....Ā 
I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. So far, I've had the WORST constipation. Like, going days and days without going to the bathroom. It's given me terrible tummy pains & been generally unpleasant. This morning I woke up, went to the bathroom expecting nothing much to happen, but to my surprise, I had AWFUL cramps, I was sweating and had diarrhea. Total change of pace. Also, I haven't had any morning sickness (vomiting) so far, but during this mornings episode, I was puking violently. Does this sound like a bug? DH is fine, which makes me think no, but it's so weird! Has anyone else experienced this? I was so worried I was miscarrying because of how intense the cramping was! It didn't feel like period cramps, but it was still pretty crazy :/ no bleeding at all, btw.Ā