2 LGBT individuals.

Hello everyone my girlfriend and I are wanting to get married but there are a few problems.... MY PARENTS! I only recently came out about May 2014 to them but me and her had been together on and off for 3 years(4 in december). We have been through so much and yes some things should've broken us up from things that she has done to me or said about me but I feel like and I KNOW she's finally manning up(?) and showing that she loves me but it's not good enough for them. They always try to down her or talk bad but never TRY to see her for how she loves me forreal. I have no clue if it's because they don't agree with the relationship or lifestyle but I feel like because they're my parents they should automatically love anybody that I wanna be married too but they just don't get it. Someone please help or tell me what to do