Zika Virus Problem


My husband and I found out I am 7 weeks pregnant after having a miscarriage last fall. We had an ultrasound and the baby is healthy and growing with a perfect heart beat of 135 bpm. We had originally planned to wait to start trying again until our vacation we had booked to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in March but, unexpectedly, we are already counting down! However, with the Zika virus running rampant, we looked into which countries were effected. As of last week, the Dominican was not on the list but this week it is. We are so sad because we already booked the resort and flights for a week but it's not worth it to us to put our baby at risk even if we apply a liberal amount of bug spray daily.

Is anyone else struggling with this problem?? Now we need to figure out a plan B vacation. Any ideas? What are your thoughts on the Zika virus??