How to deal with a clingy co-worker

So I work in a office and have worked next to this girl for a year. I would consider her a work friend for sure since we talk while we are working and tell each other stories of whats going on with our personal lives. She is a drama queen though and gossips a lot behind peoples backs which is why I wouldn't personally choose to hang with her outside of work. When we are working and talk it's fine but like 80% of the time she will choose not to go on a lunch break just so she can stay and talk to me which is fine sometimes but other days I want just one hour to myself. I get a break too obviously but I usually leave for a half hour then bring food back to eat while I work. She won't leave at all. When I leave work she texts me constantly about random stupid stuff and will even send me selfies which annoys me to no end. My husband jokes around and says shes in love with me because she never leaves me alone! When I take a day off she will text me from work constantly about whats going on at the office and complains about me not being there. If I tell her i'm taking a day off she acts upset about it and gives me attitude the rest of the day. I don't want to be rude but how do I distance myself from this person a little bit?