Mother in law problems:(((

Okay, this is long but please read and give advice. She went on a cruise for about a week or so, when she came back she stayed drunk out of her mind (with the help of abusing her prescriptions as well) for two days straight. Running into things, dropping things, making huge messes for me to clean up. So by this point I'm getting pissed. She needs rehab I know that, I have tried to tell her family. So on her second day back, the cops got called and they broke the door down because her boyfriend thought she was dead! I am 8 and a half months pregnant by the way and I was here when it happened. I had only had one hour of sleep the night before and had finally been able to fall asleep so my reason for not hearing her boyfriend knock was totally different than her reason. Anyways, the big deal now is that she came in mine and SOs room night before last crying all over me saying sorry and it was just smothering me. It was very over dramatic. Last night she was trying overly hard to win our favor back. Picking up baby's car seat and saying weird things like "nobody can touch my baby when he gets here" and rubbing all over me in my face talking about how me and the baby have to stay warm and we come first and blah blah blah. I know it sounds like she was just being nice, but please take my word for it that there was way more force put behind it. I feel soooo weird, and there are way more things that she did and said last night. If you need more examples just ask