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💜👣🍼Samantha • I am married have two little girls!!! I am pregnant with my little man💚💙#2016#
I have been trying to get pregnant for about 3 years ago I went in and got my mirena taken out in 2011 and we have been trying since we'll one of my fiends told me I need to track my ovulation I didn't know that I only tracked my periods so I know when there due next so last month I started watching my ovulation and fertile got pregnant right away!!! Me and my husband are so happy finally after so long it's happening when to my first obgyn appointment yesterday did my blood work and I really am pregnant 6 weeks 6 days due June 4 2015 but will have the baby in May due to c-section!!!!!! Everyone trying good luck and be patience I know it hard but when it's your time it'll happen trust me!!!! I was starting to give up after always getting a bfn I was so sad and was alway saying is something wrong with me!!! I even went to the doctor to see if I could get pregnant she told me there no reason why I can't get pregnant in the the next 6 months and i did!!!! With my first two kids I got pregnant right away!!!! It'll happen girls so don't get depressed when  It's time it'll happen!!!! Baby dust to everyone ttc!!!!!