I'm so hungry..

I live in a house with 7 other adults and two babies. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and one of the other girls is 9 weeks pregnant. There is never any food.. We go food shopping and spend $250 every two weeks but it's lucky to last one week and then we are all scavenging for food out of what's left in the cupboards. I grown to hate living here because of this. I find myself oversleeping just to avoid the sensation of hunger since there is nothing to eat anyways. This is not healthy for me and baby but I seem to be the only one effected by this. No one else seems to care at all about our lack of food because they are all just accustomed to living this way. And there's no good reason it has to be this way, we could easily spend more money on food and not starve but I have no control over the money. One of the guys manages all the money that comes into the house and decides what gets spent where. I just want to move out so I can have my own place that will never be empty of food. It's awful to be hungry this often and nothing to be done about it. :(