I need you help ladies badly !

I'm 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant, I have a husband we've only been married 5 months I found out a week later after the wedding I was expecting. My husband is 24 and I'm 28 I know we both are on different pages in life bc his actions make it very clear. From day one of being pregnant to know he's done nothing but get 2 charges promised me he's was done drinking liquor bc he can't control him myself he becomes a demon and normally put his hands on me while carrying this baby. I know it's wrong but I've still stayed with him. He works night shifts I don't see him a lot during the week last night he went off to work an called me said I'll be home by 1am. He never did. Got a drunk call him saying I've been into a fight with another man I can't drive the car bc it's parked by him I might go to jail boy sure....all I could do is think about my poor unborn son. I left the house at 3am bc I knew he would come home drunk an didn't want to take the risk of anything happening to me. I've made a decision to leave him. I just need to know if I'm doing the right thing or if I should still stick by him.