Let's be honest!!!

Im so tired of these magazine ads and commercials where the woman is either in first or 3rd trimester, and are just glowing. First off, first trimester, 99.9% of women look like death! We get up and try to put on make up only to look like we got in a fight with our makeup bag and lost, that's if we even attempt makeup at this point. We have these beautiful prego hormone pimples that stop by and make sure to invite some friends. Our boobs hurt so bad that putting just a shirt in is like laying 10lb weights on them! Then there's FOOD... Dreadful food! Everything you crave makes you sick. Opening the pantry or fridge just triggers a trip to the bathroom, if you have kids and/or husband at this point you are just throwing food at them and telling them you love them but they need to learn survival! 
3rd trimester.. Well at this point you are done! Ready to get the baby out!!!  Your feet are swollen, your butt has reached limits you didn't know it could. You have this hallow hole in your stomach that can never be filled and as you are trying continuously to fill the hole you have this little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you shouldn't be eating that and that your doctor is going to tell you that "you really DONT need to gain anymore weight" (this is when you either break down and cry or have an imaginary thought of body slamming your dr). You are walking like a penguin. Every. Single. Person. Tells you that you look like your going to pop anyday(when you still have 3months left), strangers try to rub your belly like you are some Buddha statue, and that beautiful little glow.. Well that has now turned into a growl. Oh and those cute little boobs you had before, they are now watermelons having from your neck! 
Yes I am very excited/ blessed to be pregnant with my 3rd baby. Pregnancy does have its beautiful moment(usually 2nd trimester) but unless you are Mary giving birth to Jesus.. There is no way you can honestly tell me you don't have the same feelings! I wish just one pregnancy ad can be honest!