Is anyone else still keeping their pregnancy a secret from friends?

Ivy • 💑29 y/o tethered to my soulmate for 6+ yrs. We're expecting our first child August 2016. Shhh! It's still a secret! 🙊
We still haven't told anyone other than our immediate family & friends. I'm 10w 2d I wanted to wait until my 2nd trimester but my SO wants to wait longer. He's afraid we'll "jinx it" he feels like this is his way of protecting us. Just until the baby is bigger & stronger. He couldn't keep it to himself  & told more people than I had after he found out. I asked him to wait until Christmas but in the 3 following days after our BFP he'd told practically everyone we consider close lol! Others though sike him out although by now I'm sure a lot more people know even if HE didn't tell them. Personally, I can't wait to make it public on FB it'll be nice to see all my friends/family back home flip! I'm one of the few who hadn't joined the parenthood league yet. They'll be ecstatic.