Low hCG, cramping & bleeding. Help 😰

Last Sunday, I randomly took a pregnancy test & it came back positive. I took a second one the same day, also positive. A third on Sunday to be sure. Then a fourth on Thursday to break the news to our parents. My gums bled for a few days, my boobs are very sore, I've had several pregnancy symptoms as well as being confirmed in the ER. This is my first time being pregnant. I've always had horrible back pain, as well as stomach problems/horrible cramping. Back on Wednesday, after intercourse, I went to the bathroom to find my legs covered in light brownish reddish blood/liquid. Then we had intercourse on Thursday night & I bled brownish reddish pinkish again at work on Friday. Friday/last night I was so worried I couldn't sleep so my man took me to the ER. They gave me Rogham. Did a pelvic and outer ultrasound. Pregnancy test came back confirmed, they said they could see a super small, sac-like structure forming in my uterus & said my cervix appeared to be closed (not trying to expel anything or miscarry). They said my hCG levels were only 34, which I know they're usually supposed to be much MUCH higher. They said it was basically just too early to tell. It could mean I'm just really early on, or that I'm miscarrying. They told me to come back for hCG blood work in 48 hours. Then today, I have been bleeding heavily & it is way redder than before, and has some clots throughout it. So that worried me, since I've read that brownish/pinkish is sometimes normal- but red is usually a sign of a miscarriage. My boss man's father is actually a OB-GYN so my boss phoned his father for me to ask him a few questions. He basically told me everything pointed to me having a miscarriage. So, I left work to once again have my man drive me to the ER. I have had extremely painful cramping/abdominal pain the last few days & im so worried I might be miscarrying. But at the same time, ive seen stories where bleeding ends up meaning nothing & the pains are just your body changing & the pregnancy is carried out fully & succesfully. I've tried looking into this online, however most of the posts are old. I'm 20 years old & literally terrified. I'm just looking for stories of other women who had a scary start to their pregnancy but ended up being alright in the end. Any and all advice/stories/comments are welcome. Thanks for sticking with this long ass post!!