Toxic relationship

I'm 22 with a 10 month old, and a new one on the way. My boyfriend and I are on some sharp rocks right now, have been for a while. He's a heroin addict and I've never done drugs besides smoked weed, but he's lying to me stealing from me and my family. Last night he stolen some movies and then told me to return them so he can get the money back. I was so upset. I still am. Then I hear him get up to use the bathroom, he never locks the door unless he's using. The door was locked, of course! I look under the door and I hear like a snap, like a rubber band would make. Then I see him putting something under the rug. He finally let's me in and I look at his arm and he whipped blood off. Then starts to yell at me. To remind you wee are at his parents house. he's yelling so loud that his parents get up and yep at him. This goes on for a while. He ends up leaving but tells them I was the one who was yelling when all you can hear is them. Tells me its all my fault. How he wants this baby to come out healthy but doesn't care if I died after baby is born. I'm in a fucked up place in my life.