Ugh is it possible to be so MAD

It started 10 :00AM downstairs neighbors ringing my doorbell talking about can you keep the noise down so my mom goes down the stairs and tells her to call the landlord Then the ppl downstairs gets in my Moms face so my brother goes down tells them not to get in our mom's face so then she calls her man than everyone starts arguing and then my brothers girl comes downstairs and gets in there face then we all went back upstairs next thing you know they are banging on our door then my brother leaves the house because were having a party today for my nephew who turned 6 yesterday So as my brother is trying to leave the man down stairs gets into his face wanting to fight next thing u know the cops come and My brother took off cause he's on parole ....They are always complaining about my son and nephews My son is 2 & my nephews are 4 &6 & they go to school come home and play at 4 and they expect us to keep them sitting down on the couch