Labor & Delivery Playlist?

Chloe • 🌈Stetson Titus born 5/4/16. 3 in my heart, 1 in my arms.

I'm trying to create a soothing and inspirational playlist to use during labor. Of course I do not know if I will actually use it, I may want complete silence when in labor, but I like the idea of having one if I do want to listen to something. I would also enjoy listening to it now, just so I can daydream about the birth of my son, ya know?

So far, I have:

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson

Cherry Wine - Hozier

Meridians - Greyson Chance

Believing - Nashville Cast

Let Me In - Gabrielle Aplin

Take Me Home - Us The Duo

I Will Be There - Odessa

Finley's Lullaby - Bryan Lanning

None of these are really about birth except Finley's Lullaby, but they all are rather sweet and soft.