when should i test

Teri-lyn • 19 F Calgary ab mommy to a three year old minature pincher ttc baby #1 with my bf
So my period started on September 22 it lasted till  the 25th . I started testing right after my period i got a positive opk on septmeber 30th six days after my period.  I had  little cramps on the 1-2 of October which i believe was. Ovulation since 4dpo i have creamy cm  and an elevated bbt. On 9 dpo i took a first response test just to see if i would get lucky got a negitive i knew it was to earlie for testin but had to kill my ugre .  iam now 15 dpo  today while i was walking my dog daughter i had some mild cramping that felt like period cramps. i went to the washroom  within 15 minets from the cramps. Ending and saw light pinkish almost orange looking blood when i wipped  . It wasnt enough to fill a pad or soak a tampon I have a regular period that usually last. Four days and comes every 28 days  since 4dpo iv had sore. And tender breast  iv have nausa and gas had a strange metal taste  in my mouth thought nothing of it but now. That iv had a little bit of spotting    Iam woundering when do i test. My period is. Due in five days oct 22. Should i test today  is this Implantion bleeding or Af  making her  appearance ?  Some insight would be very much helpful.  Ttc first month with my finace  and really want a BFP. ???